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There is a new product becoming increasingly popular in teen parties nowadays. And it’s not beer nor prescription medicines. It’s an herb-based product that is getting teens high, and it’s completely legal. The product is known as K2 Spice, a sort-of synthetic marijuana that, when smoked, gives the same high one gets from the real thing. You can buy k2 spice online or at local stores.

K2, or “ k2 Spice,” is making news again as eleven states have now banned the substance or are currently considering bans. K2 herb, which you can buy online or at certain convenience stores and head shops, is generally marketed as incense. However, the k2 spice contains a synthetic chemical that is said to mimic “a marijuana high when it’s smoked.”

According to reports, K2  spice is most popular among teenagers and college students – particularly because the herbs are easily attainable and offer a legal marijuana-like high. However, USA Today reports that cases of sickened K2 spice users have recently increased. 352 cases in 35 states have been reported since the first week of February.

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While the DEA is still “in the early stages of trying to figure out how potent K2 spice is,” one Illinois Representative insists, “It can be more potent than marijuana” and believes K2 spice could lead to an “epidemic.”

While such assertions seem premature – and even comical – many states are now taking it upon themselves to ban the substance. Kansas and Kentucky already have bans in place and Alabama’s K2 spice ban goes into effect the first of July. Meanwhile, Georgia, Missouri and Tennessee await their governors’ approval for bans to become law and Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey and New York are considering legislation to ban the substance.

“Fake weed or k2 spice”
Synthetic marijuana, marketed as K2 spice, is an herbal substance sold as an incense or smoking material that remains legal in the United States. The products contain one or more synthetic compounds that behave similarly to the primary psychoactive constituent of marijuana, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.